Out-of-province Unifor thugs have come to Alberta to picket a fuel hub — HELP Rebel News expose them!

ean Bexte (February 3, 2020) Unifor’s Carseland Co-op protest drags on: Does Alberta need provincial police?

Keean Bexte (February 3, 2020) “We can’t have unions holding everyone hostage”: Unifor’s Fuel Co-op protest drags on

United We Roll, the same convoy group that drove across the country nearly a year ago to protest Bill C-69 and 48 reunited over the weekend for another hurdle the oil and gas industry is facing; this time, it is as downstream as it gets.

Keean Bexte (January 30, 2020) UCP MLA Joseph Schow crosses Unifor picket line for diesel, grills RCMP on illegal blockade

Keean Bexte (January 28, 2020) Out-of-province protesters have come to Alberta to picket a fuel hub used by local Albertan farmers and truckers

The Unifor-led blockade of the Federated Co-operated Limited (FCL) fuel storage facility in Carseland, Alberta, has been characterized as “illegal” by the facility’s management, and it’s not clear why police have not arrested those responsible for the disruption.

Unifor thugs have even erected fences as high as eight feet around the facility, inhibiting local traffic and suffocating local businesses.

Employees of the fuel storage hub are not on strike, but these Unifor thugs don’t seem to care about threatening their livelihoods.

Well, I do and I’ve had enough of unions holding our oil and gas industry to ransom — so I crossed the picket line to fill up a jerry can of fuel just as those same union thugs fumed with anger nearby — check it out:

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