Tommy Robinson was found in contempt of court, will you help us get back to London to report on the sentencing?

UPDATE: Tommy Robinson was convicted of contempt of court.

Now, what should we do?

I sat through the whole two-day hearing, and I truly thought Tommy would be acquitted. The Attorney General had no case.

Our reporting obviously didn’t change the course of Tommy’s contempt hearing. But it did do something very important — it let the world know of the grave injustice done last week. We told the other side of the story, countering the cheering, jeering leftist media who would love to see Tommy locked up.

We rang the alarm — something Tommy himself has been unable to do ever since social media companies banned him.



Can you please help me cover the cost of an economy-class ticket back to London, so I can be there to report on the sentencing hearing?

I’m genuinely worried they’ll send Tommy back to prison — and that the judges don’t care that could mean that he’ll be murdered by a Muslim prison gang. In fact, I think some politicians actually want that to happen.

I’ll be there to cover the sentencing hearing. And while I’m in London, I’ll also attend a “Global Conference for Media Freedom”, hosted by the governments of the UK and Canada.

I find it shocking and ironic that the conference is being sponsored by the UK government at precisely the same week that Tommy Robinson is having his own media freedom taken away by the same UK government.

I’ll be attending that conference, and so will our chief reporter from Canada, the great Sheila Gunn Reid. There will be all sorts of preening politicians there, who claim to care about press freedom. Good: let’s get them on the record about Tommy Robinson.

Can you please help us get over there?

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I’d really appreciate it, and I know Tommy does, too.

Thank you — and good luck to us all.

Ezra Levant

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