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Every week Justin Trudeau and his Liberals infringe on our freedom of speech a little bit moreFrom pressuring social media companies to censor conservatives, to slowly turning “Islamophobia” into a crime, to bringing back the section 13 censorship provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act, it just keeps getting worse.

So I nearly spat out my coffee when I learned that Chrystia Freeland, part of Trudeau’s cabinet, was co-hosting a media freedom conference this week in London, England, along with her UK counterpart, Jeremy Hunt.

As you know, free speech has been a central issue for us at The Rebel. So when we heard about this conference, Sheila Gunn Reid and I applied to attend as accredited journalists.

To our surprise, Sheila and I were both accredited — they let us know at the last minute! So we’ll both be in the conference, starting TODAY, along with a cameraman. I think we might be the only independent media they let in — I see stories in the UK press today about other reporters who were banned!

I don’t know what to expect — but I do know that the conference organizers promised a chance to ask Freeland some questions.

If you can, please chip in to help us with our travel costs by using the form below. Unlike the CBC state broadcaster, we don’t get $1.5 billion/year from Justin Trudeau. We rely 100% on viewers like you. Whether it’s $10 or $100, it all helps — I estimate the travel costs of Sheila, me and our cameraman to be about $4,500. 

Obviously, we will do our best to grill politicians about their censorship plans. But we’ll also report to you about what our competitors in the mainstream media itself say. I’m not going in with any preconceptions; but let me just say, it wouldn’t surprise me if many mainstream media actually wanted citizen journalist upstarts to be banned and censored!

If you can help cover our travel costs — please do. 

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