Help crowdfund real reporters for Tommy Robinson’s trial

Ezra Levant has been to the UK four times now to cover Tommy Robinson’s trials. He’s tried to be a counter-weight to the bias and the outright lies told by the mainstream media there.

In fact, the British media have come to hate Ezra almost as much as they hate Tommy himself. They glare at Ezra when they see him in court — because they know they won’t be able to get away with things like they used to, because now the British people will be able to get the other side of the story.

They’re very careful what they say around Ezra — because they know he’s on to them.

But, when Ezra brought along four other reporters from around the world, from different media organizations, to do some honest reporting — the British media didn’t recognize them. 

So they let their guard down.

They spoke candidly in a way that they don’t when Ezra is around — and one of our real reporters overheard them. He was sitting just inches away from the British media — but they assumed he was like them. They assumed he hated Tommy, and wanted to stab him in the back like they were going to do.

And so these British reporters said — out loud — how they were going to fake the news that day, including how they were going to lie about how many Tommy Robinson supporters were there. And they also said they had pre-judged Tommy — and had already convicted him in their own minds. Before the trial had even happened!

Tomy told Ezra he didn’t realize how important having those four real reporters would be. If you agree, please help cover their costs. The budget was $17,000 Canadian, or about £10,000 to bring real reporters to Tommy’s trial.

You can watch and read all of the “real reporters” work, here.

If you haven’t had a chance to contribute yet, please do — dollar for dollar, it’s one of the most effective things we’ve ever done.


Help fund real reports on Tommy

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