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We have to pay off approximately $195,000 (approx. £113,103) by December 28. And we have to pay off another $185,000 (approx. £107,303) a month later, on January 28. Can you help Rebel News?

I have a problem and normally I wouldn’t talk about it publicly, but it affects Rebel News and I think I need some help because I don’t think I can solve it, all by myself.

£220,407 DEBT

We have to pay off approximately $195,000 (approx. £113,103) by December 28. And we have to pay off another $185,000 (approx. £107,303) a month later, on January 28. That’s a total of $380,000 (approx. £220,407) and obviously, that’s an incredible burden on us.

Three years ago, when Rebel News was in some choppy waters, we borrowed money from a friendly supporter to help tide us over — it was actually specifically to do more journalism. Our lender was a great guy, who actually was a generous donor to us, too, and a real friend.

We used that money not just to get through the hard times, but to build up our company — including to hire new talent, do great reporting across the country. In many ways, I think Rebel News has never been better.

Now, along the way, my friend who loaned us the money ran into a change of circumstances himself. And he had to sell our loan to a banker — who doesn’t know us, who isn’t a supporter. He’s not a bad guy — he’s just a banker who wants his money back. And under the terms of the contract, he can ask for it back. He doesn’t actually have to renew the loan. And now he is calling in the loan.


If you are in a position to replace this loan — or part of it, let me know. Send me an email to [email protected]. If you are in a position to lend us some money and think 8.5% is a good rate of return, send me a note. 

If I were with 99% of the media in Canada, I’d just call up Justin Trudeau, and sign up for his media bail-out. But I’m not a prostitute. I won’t let him buy me. I’d have to agree to be a good Liberal boy, and obey this guy: I’d rather go out of business than take taxpayer money from Trudeau.

So if it’s unlikely that I can find a miracle lender in the next week, and if I won’t go to Trudeau for a bail-out, maybe you can help me. Not with $380,000 (£220, 407). But maybe with $38 dollars (£58). Or even $380 (£220).

Can you please help me?

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